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elcome to Dental History. Dental History is an interactive, multimedia dental history resource designed to promote the history of dentistry to dental students and professionals. A type of dental history resource was first envisioned by the New York Section of the American College of Dentists as a regional project. The value of the concept was soon realized, and by 2000 it had developed into a large-scale, not-for-profit project of the American College of Dentists.

Dental History was initially designed to supplement dental history education in dental schools. The scope was later expanded to include those already in the profession. A Resource Development Committee was formed in 2000, including a cadre of renowned dental history experts. Consultants to the project were added as required to address specific needs. Support for Dental History was provided by the American College of Dentists. A non-commercial undertaking, Dental History was planned for distribution to dental students, dentists, and others on a complimentary basis. In its first phase from 2001 to 2008 compact disks were used to distribute Dental History to dental students in the United States and Canada. The resource was also made available to other interested parties, nationally and internationally. The second phase began in late 2008 by making the resource available for download from the Internet (www.dentalhistory.org). The resource is no longer distributed on compact disks.

Dental History was developed with eight specific objectives: a) Explore the origins and development of dentistry; b) Improve understanding and appreciation of dental history; c) Improve appreciation of dentistry as a learned profession; d) Allow self-assessment of dental history knowledge; e) Assist dental schools in dental history education; f) Stimulate interest and study in dental history; g) Improve access to dental history information; and h) Incorporate an easy, interactive, multimedia format.

Dental History is a self-contained, executable program requiring a Windows® operating system. Content consists primarily of published articles; excerpts of published compilations or works; original material assembled for the resource; and images. Six self-assessment tests are also included. Audio and video clips augment textual material and images. Images used with textual material are often from different sources and are referenced separately. Because of the limitations of hypertext formatting, the appearance may differ compared to originals. Dental History incorporates a number of functions and features.




B.C.E. to 800 C.E.


800 to 1400


1400 to 1600


1600 to 1800


1800 to 1900
Modern 1900 and later
More... Miscellaneous


Dental History is divided into eight sections. Each major section is further divided into subsections. For example, the section on Early Origins is further divided into subsections on Paleopathology, Prehistory, Near East, Classical World, Far East, and Islamic World, as examples. Historical events often transcend attempts at artificial classification, and such is the case with this resource. The sections of this resource should be used as guides, not as absolutes. Many historical events in dentistry could be appropriately classified under several different headings. Regardless, some general organization is necessary: 


As mentioned, Dental History was initially available on compact disks. In its second phase of development, the resource is only available by download from this site. The resource is fairly large (25MB), utilizes external video files, and takes about 45 seconds to download with a high-speed Internet connection. A high-speed Internet connection is strongly recommended, and an Interent connection is needed to view the external videos. A second version may be undertaken with internal, self-contained video files, but it would be much larger in size and take longer to download. Downloading is a two-step process. To begin, use the Download box with rounded corners at the top left of this page.

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Dental History is provided as a complimentary service to the dental profession by the American College of Dentists. Dentists, dental students, dental hygienists, educators, and other interested parties are welcome to download and use Dental History subject to the Terms of Use. There are no fees or registration. Your feedback is appreciated.

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